Monument Saddles, Bronze Emblems
& Flower Arrangements

Memorializing the ones you love

Our world is ever-changing and memorializing the ones you love is evolving too. People are becoming more personal when planning funeral and graveside services. They are tailoring them to better reflect on the life of their loved one and the impact their lives had on those who cared for them.

As I walk through our cemeteries, I delight in seeing distinctive messages on monuments and monument saddles and arrangements with specific items significant to the person they are for. It makes our cemeteries an enjoyable place to visit – personal touches that make us smile.

We welcome the donation of trees and benches for our cemeteries. The trees can have a plaque on them to recognize your loved one and inscriptions can be made on benches as well.

Please contact our main office at Notre-Dame Cemetery to discuss with our staff the possibility of placing a bench or having a memorial tree planted in one of our Catholic Cemeteries.

Monument Saddles $65.00 each
(Tax Included)

Bronze Emblems $65.00 each
(Tax Included)

Small Flower Arrangements $11.30 each
(Tax Included)

Photographic Plates $197.75
(Tax Included)